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You're on you way!

Congratulations! You are taking the necessary steps to reach your #HouseGoals. Promise Land Realty Group couldn't be more excited to come with you along your journey. Now that you have told us about you...

Let us tell you about the Home Buying Journey!


The Home Buying Webinar Playback is a fun and informational video we have prepared for our clients. This video is an important part of the process and helps us to better serve you. PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!


In addition, all involved parties (decision-makers) in your Home Buying Journey should watch the video. While you watch, please take notes to record questions or concerns to be discussed on the next chat with your PLRG Agent!

What You Will Need:

• A Pen 

• A Notepad

• Approx. 1 Hour

**Note: If you're not able to watch with your decision-maker at the same time don't fret. Copy this url: to share only with your house buddy! Enjoy the video!

Home Buyer's Webinar
Play Video
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